One professor, mentor, and friend

From Christine Poitras:

‘People often walk in and out of your life, but only a few leave footprints on your heart.’

That surely personifies the case with one professor, mentor, and friend I had at the University of Maine at Augusta; Jill Rubinson was instrumental in guiding me through the several years I attended the university, and I’m fortunate that supportive friendship continued long after my graduation. I’ll be forever thankful for each opportunity given to assist her with academic endeavors; forever grateful I got to attend her surprise retirement party at UMA on May 4, 2015; forever missing our tradition of meeting for lunch with a mutual friend at the Olive Garden; and forever remembering her in so many ways, especially upon the mention of anything Shakespeare & Jane Austen. I’m also thinking of my fellow UMA-ers collectively enduring the same loss…and at a time like this, how sadness is a good thing to share with somebody.


I’ve also attached three photographs I took at her retirement party in May ‘15 that I thought you might like to have: the first is your mom in UMA’s Fireside Lounge, listening to a group of her students performing a Shakespearean scene. (Not wanting to ruin the surprise of her retirement party, her students had told her they were throwing an ‘end of the semester’ party and needed more room for acting and subsequent food than what a classroom could provide.)  The second photo is your mom with the students post-performance, and the third is the party’s most fitting & talked about food offering: homemade Shakespeare shortbread cookies.

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