She needed no lessons from me

Dear Anny and family,

This tribute must first begin with stunned sorrow upon learning of your mother’s passing. It must also carry with it our shame in being unaware of her illness, though only living a field and a short paddle down the river apart from her.

It can be said that we were the kind of neighbors like many are now; drive by waves as we checked our mail boxes, waves and quick hellos as we passed on the road’s shoulder on morning walks, “run intos” at The Riverside or out and about in Waterville.

There were also kayak to shore waves, shouted hellos from the woods of her point to the lawn of our point. And, in more recent times, after a phone call from your mom, finding, a day or so later, a section (or two!) of her dock resting on our point after a rise in the water level of the stream, thrown in our truck and dutifully delivered and leaned against her garage.

Very early on, as the construction of your home neared completion, your mom and dad walked over to share some plans they had for running electrical power to your home.
Your mom, with a barely perceptible “baby bump”, shared the news of expecting you! Our son, Jordan was just maybe nearing two. As she stood in our kitchen, she did that baby belly rub we all have done and said she hoped to learn some pointers from me! Jordan was already quite the “wild child” and I offered that she may want to re-think that!

Obviously, your tribute made manifest that she did an absolutely stellar job in her own right!

Though not dooryard playmates, you and Jordan still went through all the same schools, maybe a year apart. We have many of the photos and the tales from him of your shared high school group trip to Europe…. I somehow remember a belly button piercing was one of your souvenirs!

It matters not how old or young or ill they may have been, there is nothing so life altering as the loss of our mothers, for any child, certainly, but for the daughters of such wonderfully giving mothers, ever more so.

How fortunate you were that she gave you so are proof that she needed no lessons from me, she had them all in her heart and soul all along.

Jordan joins us in heartfelt condolences to you all~
Janelle & Mike Seavey

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