Admired as a mentor, teacher, intellect, and person

From Karin Woodruff Jackson:

Dear Anny,

I taught English as an adjunct faculty member for many years at UMA; I considered Jill a mentor, someone I admired so much as a teacher, as an intellect, and as a person. When Jill had to be absent for a semester in 1999, I was asked on short notice  to take over teaching her course on Jane Austen because of my involvement with the Jane Austen Society. That led to my development of two additional single author courses, one on Virginia Woolf, the other on Edith Wharton, which, along with teaching the course I had developed earlier on Major Women Writers, all enhanced my experience and expertise on women writers.

Jill was always extremely supportive and collegial.  She was kind, helpful, and always a pleasure to be with. I can say ditto to all the superlatives expressed in the other tributes to her.  Anny, you are very fortunate indeed to have had such a wonderful mother, and I am sure you and your daughter will carry on her heritage.

With all best wishes, and much sympathy,
Karin Woodruff Jackson
Harpswell, Maine

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