“I’m a very lucky person”

From Dace Weiss:

On my last visit with Jill she admitted to being in pain, but only after I asked. That was her way. Never a complaint in spite of all she had to endure. I talked a bit about fun times we had together – getting lost on Tumbledown Mountain for example. We were so engrossed in conversation that we lost our way and had eventually to hitchhike back to the car in the dark. Then I mentioned how nice it was that she was surrounded by so many friends and family. “Yes, I’m a very lucky person” was her comment.
And I know I myself am a very lucky person for having known Jill. Our friendship dates back to the time Anny and my son, Danny, were friends in Junior High School. Jill got alarmingly sick then, but rallied and we went on to enjoy such good times! I can’t believe I’ll not be able to call her now just to say “How about a movie? Maybe pizza afterwards? ” or “Can you come to lunch? We need to discuss that book some more.” We all valued her opinions so much in book group. She’ll be sorely missed . And then there are the seders we had begun sharing. We were so touched that she, even while undergoing chemo treatments, insisted that she could contribute a carrot pudding dish my mother in law used to make. We were all touched by her warmth and kindness. What a sweet person! We love you and miss you, Jill.

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